Street Sticker Art - Invasion of the public space


Welcome to Propaganda_Project.

The objective of this project is to reflect the impact of visual advertising in the public space. Penetrate your mind by being present everywhere. In our urban world, in the streets where we walk, in the buses we take, in the magazines we read, on walls, on screens, we are surrounded by images of an alternative way of life. We may remember or forget these images, but briefly, we take them in. And for a moment, they stimulate our imagination, either by way of memory or anticipation. Perturbing the eye by the contamination of a visual in the public space to see what blinds us, this is the goal of this project.

The sticker captures the eye of the citizen. From a marketing point of view, branding is the most important thing for a company. It does not matter whether the company is a start-up or has been in existence for a hundred years. The recognition of the logo and name is invaluable, and the artists have understood this well. Of different sizes and colours, using multiple production and printing processes, the sticker leaves a mark that can affect a person’s mood, provoke reflection, trigger a reaction.
The sticker is a movement of the street and it is naturally that it slips into every corner of the public space. Present everywhere, but invisible for the most part. It actually offers a new vision of the city, forcing us to slow down to find them. We instantly stop seeing the city as a whole, because the art of stickers does not only concern its content, but also its integration into the environment. Once his eye gets used to it, this environment becomes obsessive. We start looking for them, analyzing them. Walking around the city never allows you to enjoy everything it has to offer. Indeed, Man has blinded himself through time, by the creation of a material environment, which constantly injects visual keys and a kaleidoscope of soothing images that the mass constantly ingests.




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